Keyword is part and parcel of search engine optimization. Only when you have good set of keywords, you can obtain traffic due to the search results on the search engines. Search engines will display your website or page according to the keyword optimization. It brings out the results on the basis of user’s searched keywords. By using many on-page SEO techniques you can optimize your blog posts so that your page ranks well.

Keyword optimization

Focus on these things for better Keyword optimization

  • Use optimized Meta Title: This is one of the essential one because when your title is attractive and highly optimized then more people clicks on it. When you get more clicks then it will rank higher. That’s the reason you should always make use the targeted keyword toward the beginning of the title. (H1) tag. But in case you are unable to do then use it at least somewhere in the title and keep the length under 65 characters.
  • Maintain Keyword density: The keyword density must be approx. 1.5% percent which is a mix of LSI keywords. You must ensure that there are semantically related words in order to help the search engine understand more about your content. Content marketing is also an important aspect of SEO.
  • Post permalink: You must check that the URL is correct and that is essential for on-page metric. Apart from that try to make use the target keyword in the URL and beside that never use any special characters, symbols, brackets, commas, etc. in the actual URL of the page.
  • Proper heading tags: The headings must be such which attracts lots of people. You can make use of different headings like sub-headings, and important points. When you are working in WordPress, you must check that the title tag is set at H1. In this way there is no need to use any more H1 tags anywhere in the page. Suppose the section breaks up, still you must stick to H2 and H3 tags.

These are some of the essential factors on which you have definitely focus upon. But apart from that you must focus on image optimization. Doing so will help you in driving in lots of traffic. Keyword optimization in the “image title” and the “alt text” will surely make your blog post more focused and targeted. Once the links associated to the posts from your blog are inside the blog posts then you can interlink it in that.  This enables the readers to spend more time on the blog. Ultimately, this will help those pages to rank than other pages of your site. Besides internal linking, external linking is another great technique by which you can link out to external websites. But that is possible only if the information on the external website is relevant to the information in your post.

What is significance of SEO?

Optimization of the content of the website enables the pages of your website to be on the top of search engine. This happens as a result of some specific keywords. Though this you can increase both the quality and quantity of traffic just because of organic search engine results. In most of the businesses tries to attract only those visitors towards their website who gets interested in their website. You can generate quality traffic for the website only by following this way. This is an essential and integral part of digital marketing. Hence this will allow you to get results and ultimately allow companies to advertise their products through those websites.

Actually, there are many ways of optimizing the site but keyword optimization is one of the most important one. You must check that the title tags and the meta description are informative as well as of right length. Besides that, check that content that is used is also enough informative and attractive so that visitors you arrive there via search likes what they want to know.

What are SMO services?

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process by which you can increase the brand or product awareness among people. This also helps in process of building brand image, connecting with the customers, and thus attracts the visitors through various social media platforms. Social media marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and ultimately increases the popularity of your business.  Social media has a vast reach and huge customer base. You should effectively use this as a tool to promote your blog on all social media platform.

 A proper keyword optimization in it will enable you to increase the views and engagement on your blog. In this way you can obtain reviews and get your website in the top search results.

Therefore, by using optimization in various techniques you can increase your followers and get quality traffic.

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